Children of John and Catherine (Doran) Fitzpatrick of County Tipperary

John Fitzpatrick married Catherine Doran 10 February 1872 in the Parish of Ballingarry, County Tipperary, Ireland. John was the son of Bryan Fitzpatrick, Catherine was the daughter of Pat Doran, and the witnesses were Joseph Taylor and Johanna Doran.1

While the family was often believed to be a large one (with more than a dozen children), family notes and online trees have varied in the detail provided about the children of John and Catherine (and even in their names or how many of them there were).

I have assembled evidence found to date for the children of John and Catherine, nicknamed by some of my cousins as “The Fitzpatrick 15”:

  1. Margaret (b. 1872 in Ballingarry, died 8 November 1880)
  2. Mary (b. 1873)
  3. Johanna (b. 1876 in Mullinahone)
  4. Bernard/Bryan (b. 1878 in Fethard)
  5. Patrick (b. 1879 in Fethard, died 10 November 1880)
  6. Margaret (b. 1881 in Killenaule)
  7. Catherine (b. 1883 in Killenaule)
  8. Bridget (b. 1885 in Killenaule)
  9. Patrick (b. 1887 in Killenaule)
  10. Ellen (b. 1889 in Killenaule)
  11. John (b. 1891 in Killenaule)
  12. Anastasia (b. 1894 in Killenaule)
  13. Thomas (b. abt. 1895)
  14. Edmond (b. 1898 in Ballingarry)
  15. Alice (b. 1900 in Ballingarry)

See here for a detailed document describing the evidence for this family (with all sources cited).

Image above: from Patrick Weston Joyce, Atlas and cyclopedia of Ireland, p.267; image from Wikimedia Commons ( : accessed 11 September 2019).

1. Callan, County Tipperary, Ireland, Marriage Register, District of Ballingarry, p. 8146065, for John Fitzpatrick and Catherine Doran, no. 79, 10 February 1872; in “Civil Records,” database with images, Irish Genealogy ( accessed 27 October 2018). Also Ballingarry Parish Register, Diocese of Cashel and Emly, County of Tipperary, Ireland, Marriages 20 Aug. 1837 to 25 Nov. 1880, p.142, John Fitzpatrick and Catherine Doran, 10 February 1872; in “Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI,” images, National Library of Ireland ( : accessed 27 October 2018).

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