DNA & A Question of Paternity: Part 6 – Statistically testing hypothetical relationships

To predict the most likely locations for someone in a family tree (relative to DNA matches with a common ancestor), I've used the What Are The Odds? Tool to thoroughly test hypothetical trees and determine more or less likely relationships. As a complement to documentary research of a family, this has helped me narrow down paternal candidates for someone with uncertain genetic ancestry.


DNA & A Question of Paternity: Part 5 – Bringing together Autosomal & Y-DNA Results

Last week, I described using autosomal DNA matches, their relationships to each other, and their trees to start to construct a new family tree for someone (“Bob”) with uncertain paternity. The most recent common ancestor (MRCA) for Bob and some of these matches appears to be a woman born about 115 years before Bob, who... Continue Reading →

Chromosome Mapping – A First Pass

I’ve seen some of the wonderful chromosome mapping images that others have generated, but I hadn’t yet gotten around to mapping any of my own DNA. Letting the perfect being the enemy of the good, I figured I hadn’t done enough analysis to be ready to map my own data yet. This week, I gave it a try.

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