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I’ve been researching families including: Hill of Delaware (and England); Walker of Delaware; Sterling of Delaware; Jones of Delaware; Wright of Delaware and Maryland; Noble of Delaware; Hulbert of New Jersey; Vanderbilt of New Jersey; Fitzpatrick of Philadelphia and County Tipperary, Ireland; Doran of County Tipperary and County Kilkenny, Ireland; Hearne of Philadelphia and County Kilkenny, Ireland; Mooney of Philadelphia and Ireland; Heaney of Ireland; Rutledge of Philadelphia, New England, and County Roscommon, Ireland; Henion of New York; Burns of New York and County Kerry, Ireland; Keane of New York and County Kerry, Ireland; Sheehan, Sullivan, Downey, and (O’)Connor of Kerry, Ireland; Lecat, Vigne, Joubert, and Delteil of France; Suchocki of Connecticut (and Poland).

I live in Schenectady County, New York, and I’m studying families and history in this region too.

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