How Do I Level Up the DNA Evidence for My Ancestors?

Last week, I looked at the current state of research into my ancestors – focusing on my assembled DNA evidence. (This is a modification of Yvette Hoitink’s original Level-Up Challenge for genealogy research). Here, I'll walk through the steps I take to bring my genetic genealogy research to the next level. My goal for this process... Continue Reading →

The Level-Up Challenge – For DNA Evidence

Last week I wrote about taking Yvette Hoitink’s Level-Up Challenge for my genealogy research, which pushed me to clarify what I know about my ancestors and helped me focus my research moving forward. As I mentioned in that post, though, when I classified my ancestors at different levels based on how thoroughly I’ve researched them... Continue Reading →

Taking the Level-Up Challenge!

Last week, I wrote about evaluating my family tree in terms of completeness, or simply counting how many ancestors I have identified (with at least some confidence). There is much more to genealogy research, though, than simply putting names on a tree - even if you have one or more pieces of evidence that seem... Continue Reading →

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