DNA & A Question of Paternity: Part 2 – Starting with what we knew

Last week, I introduced a project I have been working on to try to use DNA to learn about the paternal ancestry of someone who wasn’t sure of their father’s identity. As I mentioned before, I won’t use any real names here; I’ll call the person testing “Bob.” We ordered tests, sent in saliva, waited,... Continue Reading →

DNA & A Question of Paternity: Part 1 – Introduction

Almost two years ago, I was talking with an acquaintance who had been uncertain of the identity of his biological father for much of his life. I suggested the idea of DNA testing to him; I would help him, and we would see what we could learn about his genetic ancestry. He was open to... Continue Reading →

Chromosome Mapping – A First Pass

I’ve seen some of the wonderful chromosome mapping images that others have generated, but I hadn’t yet gotten around to mapping any of my own DNA. Letting the perfect being the enemy of the good, I figured I hadn’t done enough analysis to be ready to map my own data yet. This week, I gave it a try.

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