52 Ancestors – Week 2 Roundup

I’ve been enjoying Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge – not just as a push to write about my own research, but also because so many others have been writing and posting. It’s been a treat to keep up with what has been written and shared (using the #52Ancestors hashtag on Twitter).

This week’s prompt was “Favorite Photo.” There have been a lot of great images popping up in response to this. Many wonderful old photos, some with large families, or multiple generations. Quite a few photos where the personalities of the subjects shine through. And great stories, either known or guessed, behind a lot of them.

Here were some of my favorite posts from the week:

  • Pauline Wilson (@paulinemw, A Genealogy Journey) had photos and tales of places visited with family while learning about family history.
  • Leanne Cooper (@LeanneInOttawa, Leanne Cooper Genealogy) posted about great-grandfather, Arthur Hicks, including how a sketch found with some old papers led to the discovery of a US Department of Agriculture publication (Tidal Marshes and Their Reclamation) containing a photograph of Arthur and a sluice he was building.
  • Debbie (@DebbieStories, Stories From My Family Tree) described the family members in a photo, along with the circumstances across the lives of two brothers leading to their estrangement and reunion decades later.

And a couple of my favorites including photos just overflowing with personality, that make you want to know more about what was going on:

  • Sue McNelly (@KindredPast, Kindred Past) shared a great shot of her grandfather, “Uncle Snoozy,” and a few others, all apparently laughing and having a great time.
  • Nichelle Barra (@CopperLeafGen, Copper Leaf Genealogy) showed a photo of “Carrie and Edna, in 1933, part of the Saginaw Motorcycle Club.”


Kudos and thanks to everyone who’s been writing and sharing! I’m looking forwarding to reading more. (My favorites from Week 1 are here).



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